City Finance Lab and the best-practice city solutions are a vehicle for deepening and accelerating urban problem solving. City Finance Lab is a source of applied research on the most promising models of urban governance and finance that are emerging to tackle hard economic, social and environmental challenges and fuel investments in cities.

The City Solutions must only be used when citing Luise Noring, who identified the solutions as best-practices, co-authored and co-developed the solutions, including invented the uniform methodological framework used for researching and presenting each of the city solutions.

City Solution 1

Public Asset Corporation: Copenhagen City & Port Development Corporation.

City Solution 2

Comparative analysis of Public Asset Corporations across Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki & Lyon.

City Solution 3

Governing city infrastructure: Case study of Hamburg, Manchester and Pittsburgh.

City Solution 4

Refugee management across the fifteen largest cities in Germany.

City Solution 5

Partnerships for Improved Sustainability.

City Solution 6

Financing the Inclusive City.

City Solution 7

Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine


Devolution to Cities (To be published in fall 2019).


Public Sector Innovation (To be published in fall 2019).