City Finance Lab is a vehicle for deepening and accelerating urban problem-solving. City Finance Lab is a source of applied research on the most promising models of urban governance and finance that are emerging to tackle hard economic, social and environmental challenges and fuel investments in cities.

In this way, the City Solutions presented by City Finance Lab aim to speed up the process by which solutions invented in one city are captured and codified and then adapted and tailored to other cities. Our research will inform the policies and practices of national and local governments as well as global corporations, philanthropists and financial institutions.

Key components of City Finance Lab are:

A focus on governance and finance city solutions predominately from European and US cities;

Identification of best-practice governance and finance city solutions;

Specification of models, methods and tools for scaling and replication of city solutions;

Fostering public, private and civic collaborative constellations to strengthen the spread and impact of city solutions.