The City Finance Lab is open for new partners to enter the lab. If you are interested to learn more about your possibilities of being part of the City Finance Lab please contact

There are five different ways to become involved:

City Solution Partner: To be a City Solution Partner your city's best-practice solution is the prime focus of research and dissemination. We are aiming to have maximum five European city solution partners.

Adaptation Partner: The Adaptation Partners are cities that are interested in adapting particular best-practice City Solutions from the City Solutions catalogue. Adaptation partners will work closely together the Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University.

Lab Partner: The Lab Partners consists of cities that are interested in gaining access to knowledge, potential collaborators, best-practice City Solutions.

Dissemination Partner: The Dissemination Partners are an integral part of co-publishing and dissemination of articles and reports. We are aiming to have maximum two dissemination partners.

Silent Partner: We send out newsletters twice a year which you will receive if you sign up as a silent partner. Silent partners can be anyone; organisations, cities, students, researcher, basically anyone who is interested in being aware of news from the City Finance Lab, upcoming events and newly published reports and articles.



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