Over the next decade cities need to invest heavily to address pressing economic, social and environmental challenges. Yet, traditional governance and financing mechanisms and institutions are sometimes inadequate to meet these demands. The city solutions build a body of deep research around proven governance and finance models. Against this background, City Finance Lab’s mission statement is: 

City Finance Lab identifies, captures and codifies innovative city solutions tackling how cities govern and finance pressing economic, social and environmental challenges.

The principal guidelines of the City Finance Lab are:

Tackling the “how-to” instead for the “what-to”: We have all the technologies, resources and solutions required to tackle all the problems of the world. We know how to eradicate global famine and poverty. We know what cities must do to become climate neutral and net producers of renewable energy. However, the question remains: how do we govern and finance these technologies, resources and solutions and better adapt and adopt solutions to tackle the problems faced by cities today? In short, we know what to do (e.g., technologies, resources and solutions), but we do not know how to do this (e.g., govern and finance).

Networked cities: City Finance Lab builds on the conviction that cities are governed and financed by complex labs of a multitude of public, private and civic stakeholders. Therefore, we invite key stakeholders from across the city to engage in dialogue and collaborate on teasing out best-practice solutions. City Finance Lab wants to strengthen ties between public, private and civic stakeholders as well as across cities and continents.

The City Solutions Catalogue: City Finance Lab is unique in its quest for dissecting, distilling, inventing and disseminating thoroughly researched governance and finance models, methods and tools that allow us to grasp and address economic, social and environmental challenges. We are creating an online catalogue of governance and finance solutions that all cities across the world can access.